Sign Up for Group Texts About Drop-in

Dana Cottrell administers a group texting service exclusively for SCPA members to communicate late-breaking information and/or questions regarding pickleball drop-in times, places, weather and court conditions. It’s surprisingly helpful, in addition to being easy to turn off the texts if you don’t want to receive them for awhile (say if you live part of the year elsewhere).

The easiest way to join up is to contact Dana at or (970) 390-1022, give her your mobile phone number and ask her to add you to the group.

But if you’re a do-it-yourselfer, try this:

  • First, go to and enter your cell phone number in the blue stripe to receive a text with a link to download the free GroupMe app.
  • Second, on your cell phone, click on the link in the text from GroupMe.  It will open the application store (e.g., iTunes or Google Play) appropriate for your phone.  Download the app, open it, and click that you want to receive notifications.

From within the GroupMe app, you can send and receive texts to/from all members of SCPA’s group.  You can send a private message to just one member.  You can temporarily “mute” notifications from the group.  Or you can drop out of the group all together.

Please only use SCPA’s GroupMe texting for immediate communications about drop-in and pick-up games.