Weds Night Shuttle for SCPA Members Level 3.0+


On the remaining Wednesdays in August and the first two Wednesdays in September, 2019, the first 16 SCPA members to arrive at Trent Park after 4 PM — and whose level of play is 3.0 or above — will receive numbered slots to participate in an evening of shuttle play.

Each player will participate in five or six games, each with a different partner and different opponents. The evening’s organizer will designate the play-to score, e.g., 9, 11, or 15, and the elapsed time per round, e.g., 10, 11 or 15 minutes. There will be water breaks in between rounds.

Since we can’t get court reservations, we may have to yield a tennis court to waiting tennis players after we’ve played on both tennis courts for awhile.

While play will be competitive, we won’t be keeping score and announcing “winners” at the evening’s end. Use the time to hone your skills, experiment with new moves and tricks, or just enjoy a couple hours of fast-paced, intense play with players of like skill.  

Click here for USAPA player rating descriptions.

A special thank you to Linda Thompson ( for volunteering as coordinator. 

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