About Summit Pickleball

The Summit County Pickleball Association was incorporated in February 2018 to succeed the informal Summit County Pickleball Club, which had existed since 2011 and was profiled in this Summit Daily article from 2015.

SCPA is a tax-exempt, all-volunteer, nonprofit corporation that promotes the growth and development of pickleball as a healthful activity among players of all ages and characteristics, residing in or visiting the community of Summit County, Colorado. Toward that end, we intend to:

  • Foster and promote amateur sports competition in pickleball;
  • Encourage, sanction and conduct pickleball tournaments and exhibitions;
  • Financially assist local governments and other entities within Summit County, Colorado in planning and funding the construction and maintenance of pickleball courts and supporting infrastructure;
  • Offer pickleball training and lessons to the public; and
  • Carry on other similar activities permitted by such a nonprofit corporation.

Click here to see SCPA’s Bylaws, which describe the nonprofit corporation’s purpose, how it operates, and the duties and responsibilities of the people who manage it.

SCPA has seven board members, who serve staggered three-year terms.  Regular board meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the third month of every quarter at the Angler Mountain Ranch Yacht Club.  Anyone is welcome to attend board meetings.  The current and founding board consists of:

Lori Miller, President

Jerry Veazey, Vice President









Julie Worthington, Secretary and Linda Bush, Treasurer

Wendy Tilden (with Richard Sullivan)










Dana Cotrell

John Riccolo