SCPA at Vail Western Regional


SCPA members took home eight medals in the Vail Western Slope Regional Pickleball Tournament, August 15-19!  Congratulations to:

  • Junior Serenel for Gold in 4.0 Men’s Singles (in his first tournament ever)Lori and Chuck, Gold 4.0
  • Lori Miller and Chuck Maish for Gold in 4.0 Mixed Doubles
  • Julie Worthington and Linda Bush for Gold in 3.5 Women’s Doubles
  • Rich Garcia and Ruthie Kimmons for Gold in 3.0 Mixed Doubles (in Ruthie’s first tournament)
  • Junior and Senior Serenel for Silver in 3.5 Men’s Doubles (in their first tournament)
  • Chuck Maish, with Vail-based partner Mike Leigh, for Silver in 4.0 Mens Doubles 60+
  • Julie and Bob Worthington for Bronze in 3.5 Mixed Doubles
  • David Lea for Bronze in 3.5 Men’s Doubles with partner Jimbeau PearsonRuthie and Rick, Gold 3.0

(Top photo:  Junior Serenil, SCPA’s youngest member, Gold 4.0)

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