Her Boy Lollipop


You may have heard that Wendy has a thing for Richard. On his birthday — which happens to be Valentines Day! — Wendy treated a few folks to some court time at Breck Tennis to help celebrate. That is, as long as we were willing to help serenade the birthday boy to “My Boy Lollipop.” Gary Wilson provided sound engineering. Click the ► below left for the original by Millie Small

Richard sure looks like he’s having fun, doesn’t he?

Wendy happened to have with her a few photos of Richard’s past. Your webmaster’s personal favorite in the 1970s Adidas shirt. Looks like he didn’t like to smile back then either!

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  1. This picture reminds me of a scene out of “Weekend at Bernie’s”. Did anyone check and see if Richard was alive when this picture was taken?

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