NEW for 2022! SCPA Ladder League

Competitive matches, flexible scheduling and great fun!

League Rules

What’s a Ladder League?  

It’s a way to connect with other SCPA members for fun, competitive matches that fit everyone’s schedule.   Teams are placed in starting positions (“rungs”) on the “ladder,” based on declared skill level, and then play challenge matches in a “bump” style.  By winning a challenge against a higher-ranked opponent, a team will grab that opponent’s rung.  The opponent will drop down one rung.  When the defending team wins, both teams stay where they are.  Ladder standings are updated at the end of each week.  After a five-week regular season, a brief playoff will determine the final winners.   

Who Can Play?  

Any current SCPA member may enter on one team in each of Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles, Mixed Doubles and Singles Divisions.  Doubles partners must appear together on one entry form and stay together throughout the competition. Those needing a partner may email for a list of SCPA members seeking partners. 

When and Where?  

Sign your team up by June 1 and then play at least one match per week, June 5 through July 9 (five weeks), at times and places agreeable to both teams.  Winners report match results by Saturday for the weekly standings update.  The top four teams conduct a playoff July 10-16.  


What’s the Set Up?

You pay nothing.  League administrator Josh Underwood will create the ladders based on teams’ declared skill levels (2.0 to 5.0) and, within a skill level, any rough sense of teams’ relative strengths. (This is just because we have to start somewhere.  The matches will soon determine rankings!)  


Any Division with more than 10 teams will be divided roughly into a higher-skill bracket and a lesser-skill bracket, e.g., Women’s Doubles—Advanced 3.5 & Above and Women’s Doubles—3.5 & Below.  (The split will likely be within 3.5 because it seems about half of all pickleball players consider themselves 3.5.  Please just roll with it!)  


Josh will issue a name/cell/email list for each Division to all players in that division, so that teams may communicate directly about challenges and scheduling.  


What Happens Each Week? 

Teams must play at least one match/week by challenging teams above them on the ladder or accepting challenges from teams below.  


     Rules for the Challenger:  Challenge any team within three slots of your current ranking, except that you can’t play the same team two matches in a row.  (Just play a different team and then challenge the first team again.). Schedule the match at a time and place agreeable to all participants.  


     Rules for the Team Challenged:  Within three days, issue one of three acceptable responses:  (a) “We accept, and here are times we could play in the next 7 days;” (b) “We decline because we’ve already got 1+ matches this week and don’t want to play more;” or (c) “We forfeit because we can’t/don’t want to play this week.”  Please go sparing on (c), as the purpose is to play competitive matches, not to hide out from challengers!  Not responding within three days = forfeit.  


Matches are played on any local court lined for pickleball, although not during regular SCPA drop-in.   Matches are best two out of three games to 11, win by 2, with server/side selection initiated by chance (e.g., coin flip).  Follow USAP rules.  Rained-out matches can be rescheduled at a mutually agreeable time.  No-show for a scheduled match is a forfeit.  For the match to count, the winning team must report results by Saturday, 5 PM using the form on this page.   



Scoring:  When the challengers win, they take the defending team’s rung and the defenders descend a slot.  When the defenders win, no one moves rungs.  When a team forfeits or fails to play any matches in a week, that team moves down a rung and their opponent’s position on the ladder does not change.  


What if a Team Can No Longer Play?

Any team that may no longer play in the league due to injury, travel, etc. may resign at any time.  A team that fails to play any matches within a 2-week period will be moved to the bottom rung of the ladder.

Current League Standings

Rank3.0Mixed DoublesWomen's DoublesMen's DoublesSingles
Rick Bell/Wes Markel
1stCathy Steele/Ken SteeleMandy Underwood/Josh UnderwoodLori Miller/Julie WorthingtonRob Fuller/Stuart ReddellJosh Underwood
2ndLaura Lowe/Wendy TildenLori Miller/Bill ClarkPam Hortsman/Mandy UnderwoodJosh Underwood/Rick GarciaStuart Reddell
3rdDarla Ollila/Bryan OllilaCaitlin Hanson/Tom HansonHiko Fritz-Krockow/JenniLee ReisBill Horstman/Dan SturzenbeckerMandy Underwood
4thDean Grundman/Dave McReynoldsDiane Zumberge/Linus ZumbergeDebby Rea/Ruthie KimmonsBob Worthington/Bill ClarkBernhard Fritz-Krockow
5thMikiko Imura/Alex ColeTina Elgin/Drew ElginDrew Elgin/Ken SteeleRob Fuller
6thNancy Maglio/Sue SorensonJulie Worthington/Bob WorthingtonTommy Gogolen/Bernhard Fritz-KrockowJulie Worthington
7thPam Hortsman/Bill HortsmanBobb Dunn/Jim SharmanHiko Fritz-Krockow

Report a Match

Use this form to report your match result by Saturday 5 PM or it won’t count!  For forfeits, enter forfeiters under Losing Team and their would-be opponents under Winning Team

Enroll Your Team

Use this form to sign up by June 1, 2022 for SCPA’s ladder league that runs June 5 – July 9.  SCPA members only.  No entry fee.  Need a partner?  Email for a list of SCPA members seeking partners.  Don’t know your level?  See descriptions here.