SCPA at 1st-ever Colorado Open


All Summit County Pickleball Association (SCPA) members who competed in the inaugural Colorado Pickleball Open, a USAPA-sanctioned tournament on June 22-24, 2018, finished with medals!  Congratulations to:

  • Lori Miller and Wendy Markley for Gold in 4.0 Womens Doubles 55+
  • Jim Shultz for Gold in 3.5 Mens Singles 65+
  • Lori Miller and Bill Clark for Silver in 4.0 Mixed Doubles 55+
  • Wendy Markley and Jim Schultz for Silver in 3.5 Mixed Doubles 60+
  • Linda Bush and Mike Miller for Silver in 3.5 Mixed Doubles 55+
  • Chuck Maish, with Vail-based partner Mike Leigh, for Silver in 4.0 Mens Doubles 60+
  • Bill Clark and Mike Miller for Bronze in 3.5 Mens Doubles 65+
  • Rich Garcia, in his first tournament and playing with “blind date” Spencer Guthrie, for Bronze in 3.0 Mens Doubles 60+Rick Garcia & Spencer Guthrie
  • Tom Stanar and Jon Bowerman for Bronze in 3.5 Mens Doubles 70+
Mike Miller & Bill Clark

It was the club’s most successful tournament to date.  Our membership’s overall skill level is on a steep trajectory up!

Rick Garcia & Spencer Guthrie

(Top photo Lori Miller & Wendy Markel)

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