What’s a Little Stinkin’ Snow When It’s Time for Pickleball?


Pickleball … or snowball?

For the past couple of months, Tom Richmond and Dave Morse have been leading a quiet movement to play outdoors all year long! Tom tells us that shoveling off a court at Trent Park is easier than it looks. They even got a group out to play, surrounded by snow, on the day before Thanksgiving!

How SCPA first heard of this phenomenon: On November 17, Jerry Veazey emailed, “Joni and I walked down to get a paper this morning and heard pickleball noise coming from the Trent Courts. We found Tom & Dave playing.

“We Summit County players are TOUGH !!!  30 something degrees, snow on the courts and these guys are out there playing.”

Then in December, Tom was spotted at Silverthorne rec center drop-in trying to recruit folks to play outside later in the week. It looked like an uphill battle!

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