Silverthorne Rec Explains Split Drop-in Mondays (Winter Only)


A Message from Mindy Nicolds, Sports Coordinator

Have you heard?  We have 6 hours of pickleball playing opportunities on Mondays!  We are so glad to see so many different faces taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity!

On Mondays, please pick a level that you best play with.  If you consider your play more High Intermediate-Advanced, come during the early session (7-10am).  If you consider your play more Intermediate-Beginner, come during the afternoon session (11:30-2:30pm).  Please do not play all day.  There are a lot of players out there who would like some quality time on the courts. Choosing one session or the other creates more space and time for others and is the reason we are providing 6 hours of designated play time.

Please realize that the break between Monday Advanced/Intermediate and Monday Intermediate/Beginner was done with intention.  This opens up the gym for general use in the middle of the six hours of play.  This also provides an appropriate break for playing groups, to encourage people to pick a level to participate with and to not play through. 

Please clear at least one side of the gym by the designated stop time, even if there appears to be no one around waiting to play.  Facility users pay attention to the gym schedule and watch from afar until they can get on the courts.  (Sometimes they don’t watch from so far away…)  We advertise this time as available, so if it is not, that can be frustrating.

Bottom line is, please respect start and end times for drop in play.  We are doing our best to accommodate many different sports user groups, as well as our members.

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