Bill Herman Plays Old-time Baseball


As starting catcher for the Summit Sluggers, our own Bill Herman played a key role in defeating the visiting Star Base Ball Club of the Colorado Territory, by a score of 19 to 12, on June 25 in a first-of-its-kind fundraiser for the Summit Historical Society.

Inexplicably going by the moniker “Hollywood” and wearing a very fake mustache, Bill slugged, grunted and yakked his way through a grueling 19th-century style game that used 1864 base ball rules. The ball was noticeably softer than a modern hard ball, but that was lucky because there were no gloves allowed!

The game started at “High” noon at the Frisco Adventure Park. Bill got on base twice, though he didn’t score any aces (runs).

Bill’s reaction afterward: “I’m not doin’ that again. That ball hurt!”

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