Freddy Bacher Wins Triple Gold at Great Plains Regional


SCPA member Freddy Bacher won gold medals in 3.5 Men’s Doubles, Mixed Doubles and Singles, age 50+, at the Great Plains Regionals tournament, June 23-28, 2021! That performance has earned him a “golden ticket” to USA Pickleball Nationals in Indian Wells, CA, December 6-14, 2021, in all three events.

Freddy is best known in our club as the son-in-law of longtime member Jimmy Margolis, who got Freddy into pickleball six or seven years ago.

In 2019, Freddy decided to “take a break” from his 28-year career in the organic foods industry. He’s since dedicated a great deal of time to pickleball and is making a run to join the pickleball pro circuit. He recently earned his first pro sponsorship, as a GearBox athlete. Freddy is happy to speak with any SCPA members about Gear Box equipment or pickleball in general.

Freddy has climbed many of the tallest peaks on several continents, including Mt Elbrus in Russia (which he skinned up and skied down); Kilimanjaro, Aconcagua (22,284ft), and many other mountains in South America, Europe and here in the US. A couple of years ago Freddy finished up the “14ners” in Colorado after 22 years working on this project.

Since 2019, he’s found a new love in long-distance, self-supported bicycle touring. He cycled all of coastal Hwy 1 from Vancouver BC to Mexico in 2019. In 2020, he completed a route from Montana to Minneapolis through the northern tier, passing through Yellowstone, Devils Tower, the Black Hills of SD and the Badlands National Park.

Let’s cheer Freddy on!Freddy’s other sports passions include mountaineering (20+ years) and long-distance self-supported cycling (last couple of years).

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