Summit County Pickleball Adopts DUPR Player Rating System


You’ve probably noticed that, as pickleball gets ever more popular, more and more drop-in sessions and events around the country are being organized by skill level (“rating”).  Many SCPA members have asked for help in estimating their rating and, until now, the only methods available have been fairly subjective. 

To fix this problem and after thorough research led by Josh Underwood, SCPA has adopted DUPR (rhymes with “super”), the Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating system developed by founders of Major League Pickleball (MLP)!  It’s free and it’s the most accurate global rating system in the sport.

How does DUPR Work?

Using DUPR is voluntary and optional for SCPA members.  But the more of us who maintain DUPR ratings, the smoother club events like evening shuttles will go.  Over time, you’ll be better able to choose sessions and events that more often pair you with others of similar skill, giving you fun, but not overwhelming, levels of challenge. 

Participating players enter their games — mixers, clinics, leagues, ladders and private games, not informal drop-in — in the DUPR app.  For SCPA-hosted events (not drop-in), we’ll enter the results for you.   

DUPR will update your rating weekly based on your opposing players’ ratings, who won, and the score.  Your most recent games will count more toward your updated rating.   The more games entered, the more accurate your rating will be.  

How to Get Started with DUPR

Go to and click “Sign Up” at the top right.  On the next page, click “Create an Account” and enter the requested info.  (If you’ve already played in tournaments, there may be an account with your name waiting for you to claim.) 

You can then add and see match results, watch your rating improve over time, and see other stats.  Make things even easier by downloading the DUPR app for iPhone or Android

Your initial rating will be NR, “Not Rated,” but SCPA will help you get started!  Anyone who plays in one of our Sunset Shuttles this summer will receive an initial DUPR rating. And we’ll soon be announcing on GroupMe some DUPR Rating Sessions where you’ll have the opportunity to play with DUPR-rated players and log those matches. It only takes one match to get an initial DUPR rating, and 5-10 match results will get you a decently accurate one.  The more the better!

Meanwhile, tap the Club icon, search for “Summit County Pickleball Association” and tap “Join Club” to be associated with us.


Email Josh Underwood at about SCPA’s implementation and member-to-member help, or email for tech support.  

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