Celebration of Butch Ramputi


UPDATE Dec 2019: Diane sent SCPA members a thank-you card:

Words cannot express adequately my gratitude and thankfulness to each and everyone of you for all the ways you shared a part in the remembrance of my wonderful, beloved husband, Butch. All the heartwarming cards, texts, photos, the celebration of life, contributions and, most of all, your loving friendships were above and beyond what I could ever imagine. … He loved all of you. Only the most beautiful of hearts are graced with so much love and kindness.

God bless all of you and please keep me in your prayers. I am still in disbelief. He was and always will be the love of my life. … Forever in our hearts.

Love, Diane

Beloved SCPA member Butch Ramputi passed away in July. Club members have been devastated. Karen Miller and Nancy Bowerman organized a potluck-and-play in his memory at Trent Park on August 9. SCPA President Lori Miller gave a moving eulogy and others chimed in with Butch stories and special moments. Linda Cartlidge took photos.

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  1. As a new SPC members last year, people did not know me. I showed up on that first day and put my paddle down to begin a new stack. My paddle sat by itself for a while, as folks teamed with friends. After about 1/2 an hour, this man comes up to me and asked if that lone paddle belonged to me. When I replied that I was just waiting for a chance to play, this guy introduced himself as Butch, and said: “I’ll put my paddle with yours, and we’ll play together to get you started.” I was overwhelmed by the kindness Butch showed me that day – and everyday we met thereafter. What a wonderful, respectful – and sometimes irreverent – character Butch was. He touched a lot of hearts. Butch, in that great pickleball tournament in the clouds, may all your first serves go in, may all your service returns have pace, and all of your net play produce winners. All of us will miss you…. Michael Pickell

  2. Oh Butch, You weren’t supposed to leave us so soon. My heart is heavy with your loss, but also full of wonderful memories of a good man, a true gentleman, a kind soul.

    My heart goes out to you Diane …. sending you HUGS and prayers of comfort.

  3. Butchy, myself, Dave and Tom closed down many a session at Trent and Dillon. He had the best drop shot of anyone I knew! A thoroughly consummate gentleman who always thought about others before himself…he will be sorely missed on the Summit pickleball courts. Thoughts and prayers go out to Diane and family.

    Bill Herman

  4. Bob and I have known the Ramputis for almost 50 years. Diane and I were flight attendants back in the 70’s and 80’s ! It is such a tragedy that he left this earth so early. He was ALWAYS a gentlemen and a proud Vietnam veteran. He was the love of Diane’s life. Please keep her in your prayers and especially keep in touch with her.
    She needs all her friends to support her during these difficult times.
    Diane cell: 954-882-9532
    her Florida mailing address:
    11801 Tara Dr, Plantation Fl 33325

    Mary and Bob Sisti

  5. As a single lady to Summit County Pickleball, Butch welcomed me with open arms even though it was taking me three years to semi-master the serve. He was always willing to play with me and of course, give me pointers. Diane and Butch became my special friends in Summit County and I will always treasure Butch’s kindness and special smile. He was also willing to share Diane with me for our lady’s happy hours. He would always smile and say, “Ladies, go ahead and enjoy yourselves”. When I return to Florida, Diane will be one of the first ladies I contact to support her during this most difficult time. Butch you left a wonderful legacy. With love, Linda

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