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Celebration of Butch Ramputi

UPDATE Dec 2019: Diane sent SCPA members a thank-you card: Words cannot express adequately my gratitude and thankfulness to each and everyone of you for

SCPA Members Go to Costa Rica

During the first week of December, 25 Summit County players — Jerry and Joan Veazey; Vanessa Koehler; Lori Miller; Julie and Bob Worthington; Wendy Tilden

Shipboard Pickleball in the Caribbean

After several years’ conversation among SCPA members about what fun a pickleball cruise would be, Mary Sisti put one together for November!   Fifteen intrepid SCPA

SCPA Celebrates Darby Piens

Thanks to Karen and Mike Miller, Wendy Markley and Wes Knight for organizing a pot-luck picnic tribute to longtime club member Darby Piens, who died

Jerry and Joan Play PB in Japan

In May Jerry and Joan Veazey spent spent 10 days touring and playing pickleball in Japan, hosted by USAPA National Champion Daniel Moore.   Here’s Jerry