SCPA’s board continues to work very hard to expand pickleball capacity in Summit County. Last July we formally proposed to the Town of Silverthorne’s SPORT Committee that Trent Park’s tennis courts be dedicated to pickleball. In December, after five months gathering public input and deliberating, the Committee recommended that the Town Council keep the courts multi-use (tennis … Read more

In July, we presented the Town of Silverthorne’s SPORT Committee with SCPA’s proposal to dedicate Trent Park’s seldom-used (for tennis) tennis courts to pickleball with six permanent pickleball courts.  The SPORT committee decided to gather public comment (yea or nay) on the idea of making Trent courts all pickleball as part of a 5- to 10-year update to the Silverthorne … Read more

Lori Miller and Julie Worthington recently presented the Town of Silverthorne’s SPORT Committee with SCPA’s proposal to convert Trent Park’s two tennis courts into “Trent Pickleball Park,” a dedicated venue with six permanent pickleball courts.  SCPA would raise the funds for the conversion, which would entail permanent nets, partial fencing between courts, and a 7′-wide waiting/spectator area.  View our presentation and … Read more

Due to COVID-19 precautions, the town of Silverthorne has cancelled our open tournament previously scheduled for July 17-18. It will be missed, as the first annual tournament was a fun and rewarding experience. We hope to co-host “Pickle in the Peaks” with the town in July, 2021.

Click here for the latest, full USAPA guidance on safe return to play. It’s quite detailed and helpful.  Here’s a summary of items of particular interest: Consider playing with only family members or others who reside in your household. Wash your hands with soap and water and bring personal use hand sanitizer to the courts. Clean … Read more

On Wednesday, April 8, SCPA will conduct our 3rd annual National Pickleball Month fun tournament for 20 members, registered in two divisions: competitive and recreational. The tournament will be at the Breck Tennis Center. Over about two hours of play, each participant will switch both partner and opponents with each new game. The cost is … Read more

“Pickle in the Peaks” This is a great opportunity to have fun and compete here in our hometown. SCPA and Silverthorne Rec Center are partnering up to host our second annual tournament Jul 17-18, 2010 at Rainbow Park. While the tournament format isn’t yet set, here’s what we presently anticipate: Saturday, Jul 27: mixed doubles … Read more

Again this winter, we will switch to Shuttle Play whenever we have four or more stacks of paddles (four in each stack) awaiting play at Silverthorne Rec Center (SRC) drop-in. Shuttle Play ensures all games last only 10 minutes and sorts players a bit such that the skill level within any particular game is more … Read more

SCPA’s board is working diligently to get more court time — and, some day, dedicated courts — for drop-in and other pickleball events and activities. It’s really tough in Summit County because land values are so high in our beautiful resort area. There are many competing uses for the little dedicated public recreation space there … Read more

UPDATE Dec 2019: Diane sent SCPA members a thank-you card: Words cannot express adequately my gratitude and thankfulness to each and everyone of you for all the ways you shared a part in the remembrance of my wonderful, beloved husband, Butch. All the heartwarming cards, texts, photos, the celebration of life, contributions and, most of … Read more