SCPA’s and Town of Silverthorne’s 4th pickleball tournament, held July 13-15 at Rainbow Park, was bigger than ever!   The event drew 120 men’s, women’s and mixed doubles teams, as well as 17 participants in the singles division. Competitors traveled from Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Arizona, Texas, Missouri and Kansas, along with the Front Range and Western … Read more

You’ve probably noticed that, as pickleball gets ever more popular, more and more drop-in sessions and events around the country are being organized by skill level (“rating”).  Many SCPA members have asked for help in estimating their rating and, until now, the only methods available have been fairly subjective.  To fix this problem and after thorough research led … Read more

For most of our now 475+ members (up 60% from 2020), showing our solidarity with the local pickleball community is more than enough to justify a $15 annual membership in the Summit County Pickleball Association.  It’s an act of community spirit that buoys the whole volunteer operation.   For those who see club membership as more of a consumer transaction (“What am I getting for $15 … Read more

Summit County’s third pickleball tournament, held July 15-16 at Rainbow Park, was bigger than ever and attracted great players and great press!   The event drew more than 200 participants, aged 10 to 80+. We had 111 doubles teams — a 26% increase from last year — across 10 doubles divisions, which we designed on the … Read more

At Dillon Town Courts, over breakfast, on June 16, physical therapists Sarah Campbell and Will Thompson, of Avalanche Physical Therapy in Silverthorne, presented a terrific program on Pickleball Injury Prevention. Sarah and Will were so gracious as to give us permission to post all three of their detailed handouts with stretching and strengthening exercise chosen … Read more

This is a great opportunity to have fun and compete here in our hometown. The Silverthorne Recreation Department and Summit County Pickleball Association are jointly sponsoring the third annual “Pickle in the Peaks” tournament on July 14-16, 2022 at Rainbow Park. Rain date, if needed, will be Sunday, July 17. There will be a full … Read more

Bet you didn’t know that SCPA has a World Cup telemark skier among our members!  Tommy Gogolen took 6th place at the World Cup in Espot, Spain in 2016. He was a US Ski Team member for six seasons, 2012 through 2017, despite four ACL surgeries and countless hours of physical therapy. Tommy calls his … Read more

Celebrate the holidays with three sets of pickleball-theme events at Silverthorne Rec Center (SRC): Our regular drop-in play—Sunday 9-12; Monday and Tuesday 11:30-2:30; Round-robin mini-tournaments—Intermediate on Wednesday, December 15 and Advanced on Thursday, December 16; and  Pickle Pantry in the lobby all week!  Our ever-busy and creative club Secretary, Julie Worthington, has crafted a Christmas Tree … Read more

Summit County’s second pickleball tournament, held July 16-17 at Rainbow Park, went fabulously.  Year 2 was a blast and such a success. We battled the rain a bit on Saturday, but we won that battle and were able to finish the tournament early in the evening.  We had competitive, but good-natured, play across nine divisions, … Read more

On 4th of July, SCPA members Roger and Debbie Maul organized a group of pickleball players and family to march in Breckenridge’s parade to show support for Summit County’s first responders’ pandemic heroics. After a year with few in-person festivities, the Breckenridge Fourth of July parade made its comeback this year with hundreds of spectators … Read more